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Red stands for progressiveness, Curiosity and the urge for freedom and self-development. Green, On the other hand, Feels more comfortable with certainty, Security and safety In May 2021, Mexico Phone Number we divided n 300 respondents into two groups. Group 1 saw the existing brand story of SPAR and group 2 saw the existing brand story of . We then showed both groups the same statement, Stating that this statement came from SPAR. In this statement, Both Mexico Phone Number supermarkets adopt a statement about meat consumption. We asked Mexico Phone Number both groups of respondents to what extent. One of the best-known users of this method is , Who published some 70 books and 400 articles in the second half of the last century.

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They thought this fit with the brand. The results of these statements were used to Mexico Phone Number create an authenticity scale.  Figure 4 shows how, According to respondents, The supermarkets scored on. The authenticity of the statement. Respondents more Mexico Phone Number often (completely) disagreed that the statement from SPAR is authentic. On the basis of background characteristics, we also checked the possible influence of characteristics such Mexico Phone Number as familiarity,

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Whether or not a customer and attitude to the theme when analyzing the results. It turned out that these factors were not the driving force in explaining the results. The research shows that authenticity plays an important role in positive outcomes for the brand that makes a statement in a social discussion. The more authentic the expression was experienced, the more strongly a consumer identifies with the brand, sees the brand as an attractive employer, is willing to spread positive word of mouth and is loyal to the brand (Figure 5). Regardless of whether someone agrees or disagrees with the statement ‘To save the climate, our livestock must be reduced’. In this study, the attitude towards Marqt was generally more positive in response to the statement than towards SPAR.

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