How to Transfer WordPress Website From Local Server Using Duplicator

Do you need to transfer a WordPress site from a local server on your computer to a live web server? This tutorial will take you to step by step through the process. If you are a professional website developer, you can perform local server transfers every day. But most of us will only do this occasionally, so it’s easy to forget steps or get lost in pesky details. Hopefully, this will help make the process easier. Wait, can I run WordPress on my computer? Yes, you can! And it will save you a lot of trouble when developing a new site or modifying an existing one. Working on a live site is stressful and can leave your visitors with the wrong impression of your website or business.

Wait, Can I Run WordPress on My Computer

But WordPress needs a web server, MySQL database, and PHP, so how can you run it on your computer? The answer: WAMP. WAMP is a package that installs an Apache web server, MySQL server, and PHP on your computer. Depending on the WAMP package you are using, everything can be configured with just a few clicks. I use WampServer for this demo. From now on, we assume that you are ready to perform a local server transfer. This means that you are already running a local version of WordPress and want to move it to a live web server. Preparing Bolivia WhatsApp Number to transfer a local WordPress site to a live server If you do not yet have a host for the site online, you must first configure it.

Create a New Database and a New User on Your Host

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You will want this crucial element to be fully operational before you begin the move. Create a new database and a new user on your host A new MySQL database and a new user must be configured in your hosting account. Moreover If you have access to cPanel at your host, the process is quite simple. If you don’t use cPanel, contact your host to find out how to create a new database and user. You do not need to have WordPress installed on the live site. Just an empty directory where you want the site to live. If your host has pre-installed WordPress, delete the files before starting this transfer.

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