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Other examples include. Texts about interesting aspects of the company’s work related to their professions. Facebook is the ideal medium for this. Using your imagination. You can post targeted status updates to a certain business sector. Telling serious stories about how your brand has served that niche in the past. These publications must be of regular length to avoid boring. The reader in any way and can be complemented with other formats. Video Marketing. It will be the perfect complement to the previous idea. Useful and dynamic professional videos will better exemplify the idea you want to convey.

Twitter and Facebook are the ideal networks to link these images. That summarize important ideas in a striking way and also tell a story aimed at. The most demanding audiences looking for short content. but of high quality and objectivity. Link corporate blog posts : High-quality content from other outlets is also an important part of a social media campaign for this kind of audience. Each segment of information must deliver interesting stories aimed at capturing prospects among the respective audience. Next step: solve doubts and attend to your needs All questions related to the content.

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Products and services must be answered as soon as possible. both personally through instant messaging and comment boxes. as well as in a general way through specific publications. The faster the questions are resolved. the higher degree of trust the campaign will arouse. Finally: Optimize landing pages and direct users to them The call to action will be the successful conclusion of a social media campaign. The data that users provide is the material for the corresponding analytics.

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Which will serve to personalize future content. Social media campaigns targeting a specific audience. such as those considered more difficult than average. require constant work. research. and using the right techniques in order to convert those users into loyal customers. This objective can be achieved by taking into account the above factors to design a solid strategy in all aspects. To generate better content and target LinkedIn Ads campaigns to the right audience.

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It is necessary to know which users of the social platform enter your website; which is entirely possible thanks to Website Demographics. a free tool that the network of professionals announced in July 2017. with the aim that advertisers can control and analyze who visits them. SHARE: This new component uses information from LinkedIn’s more than 500 million members to deliver the required information. respecting user privacy. How to take advantage of its features to enhance your campaigns? We tell you about it by rescuing some data from the HubSpot site . 1. Make sure you have a LinkedIn Ads account.

LinkedIn Website Demographics Demographic data is only available to those who have created an account for campaigns. If you haven’t already done so. LinkedIn outlines the steps to take for new and current advertisers. If you belong to the first case you must: Sign in to Campaign Manager. Select the type of ad you want to specify. Click “learn more”.

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