Linkedin Profile Tips For Business Owners Fraction Of The Time

The key to success here is to really think about how your ideal prospect would search for suppliers on LinkedIn. But it’s also important to consider that your profile that appears in LinkedIn Search is similar to a webpage that appears in Google Search. If your profile contains the keywords that potential customers are searching for, there is a good chance that you will appear on their search results pages. However, if you suddenly lose one of the keywords they use in their search, you’re completely out of search results. In fact, this is more extreme on LinkedIn than it is on Google, so any keyword omission can be fatal to your visibility. So, to get consistent customer interest.

A Working Example to Help You Envision This a Sales Trainer

You have to come up with every possible variation your customers might search for, and then make sure the keywords in your profile reflect that. To Argentina Phone Number List see how your profile is currently performing, go to your profile and scroll down the page until you reach the dashboard area. Here, you’ll see a weekly update of search occurrences and show how many times your profile appeared in LinkedIn search results in the previous week. Give you some approximate numbers. Unoptimized profiles typically get <50 searches per week. A profile that has done some work on it and applied some moderate keyword research might get 100 to 200 searches per week.

Attract Potential Customers With Your Linkedin Headline

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But if you’re really working hard to fill every conceivable gap in your keywords, 500 to 1,000+ weekly searches are completely realistic. For example, my own searches typically appear in 750 to 1,500 searches per week. Wait a moment and reflect! With just one brief intervention, you as a business owner can take your profile from being found in searches only 50 times a week to being found more than 500 times a week. As a result, your exposure increases tenfold for years and years to come! A working example to help you envision this. Let’s take a sales trainer as an example. The average LinkedIn user might use the search bar at the top of the screen to search for what they’re looking for.

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