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Home page Articles Technology Making the Most of WordCamps: Learn from WordCamp NYC 2019 Speaker Piccia Neri Making the Most of WordCamps: Learn from WordCamp NYC 2019 Speaker Piccia Neri Posted: 2019-10-02 piccia Neri WordCamp NYC 2019 Follow @Cloudways I love September in the northern hemisphere, it’s when summer is at its best: nature is abundant, the days are still warm and long, and the light is glorious and golden. This year, I started loving it even more, because I knew I would be going to WordCamp NYC to talk about UX, on my first assignment as a Cloudways Ambassador. What does it mean to be a Cloudways Ambassador? I’ve been using Cloudways for a while now.

What does it mean to be a Cloudways Ambassador?

It was a natural progression from being a beginner in web design and heading straight into shared hosting, followed by managed WordPress hosting once you know a bit more about what you’re doing, followed by the need for full server independence when you’ve grown enough. This last move was simple, thanks to the help of Cloudways’ migration tools and brilliant control panel. The Cloudways Dashboard is perfect for non-technical developers (I’m the designer type) to manage their own servers, and for that I’m very grateful. Unlike other companies I had used for my hosting needs, more importantly, Cloudways has been Hungary WhatsApp Number List very present in the WordPress community and in my professional life. I got to know them and talk to them directly many times, including in real life (yes! It still happens!

The overall WordCamp experience and why it’s essential to the WordPress ecosystem

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And we can thank WordCamps for that). It was immediately obvious that Cloudways and I are aligned on several levels: first, the importance of user experience and listening to customers. In fact, the first time I had direct contact with them was when I queried some content they had posted. Their response was thoughtful and considerate, and they responded quickly to my suggestions. The most important thing about all of WordCamp is: the people . That’s why I attend WordCamps all over the world. Many of us small agency owner/designer/developer types tend to work remotely, alone, often from a home office. This can lead to isolation no matter how many Zoom meetings you have in your day.

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