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By communicating with the development business. Flow chart, the technical problems are sorted out in advance, so as to avoid technical difficulties or impossible. Realization after functional design. To clarify all the scenarios in which the requirements appear,

we need to use logical thinking to exhaust all the possible situations of the requirements. This is a process that tests. The integrity of the logic. We Brazil Phone Number can use the brain map software to help us traverse the scenarios. Of course.

There is a high probability that we will still have omissions in the end. At this time, we need to work closely. With our test students to cover all scenarios. Identifying the core experience helps us define the “focus”.

Requirements Appear

A function, often only 1 or 2 design points are the. Most important. A clear focus will help us to learn Brazil Phone Number the advantages of competing products in a targeted manner. And at the same time optimize the core experience in a targeted manner. Restraint is like wechat, in the era Brazil Phone Number of mobile internet “supply. Far exceeds demand”, it is far better to be big and comprehensive than. Small and refined.

If we need to design a “square” function, feed flow layout, browsing methods, likes, shares, comments, etc are just auxiliary experiences. There is only one core experience – “content”. . Whether the square can continue to produce content that conforms to the “product tonality”, the content is not consumable, and the rest is useless no matter how fancy it is.

Restraint Is Like

Brazil Phone Number
Brazil Phone Number

Therefore, our early design focus should be “how to initialize content”, “how to motivate content producers”,

and “how to filter content that matches the tone of Brazil Phone Number the product”. Step 3: object-oriented analysis of functional properties how to output a complete interactive

draft the author’s personal experience is to learn to develop thinking. Use object- oriented thinking to analyze functional attributes to help us avoid omissions to the greatest extent. The steps are as follows: enumerate all properties of the function; determine the interaction event that modifies the property; determine the modified properties. For example, we want to design a ranking function, and the object –

oriented analysis ideas involved are roughly as follows: object-oriented analysis step 4: output documents that meet design specifications.

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