Jim Galiano on Finding a Successful Long-term Hosting Solution With Cloudways

Home page Articles Technology Jim Galiano on Finding a Successful Long-Term Hosting Solution with Cloudways Jim Galiano on finding a successful long-term hosting solution with Cloudways Posted: 2020-03-25 Jim Galiano Follow @Cloudways I’ve had the opportunity to test many hosting solutions over the years, but now I’ve finally settled with the best: Cloudways. It didn’t come so easily, however. It was a journey of discovery, and to give you a clear idea of ​​why Cloudways turned out to be the best hosting solution for me and why it should be your next host, I’ll start at the beginning.

Early Resource Issues and Server Limitations

I’ve been in the “digital agency” business since 1998 , and some of the most successful services I’ve sold (or resold) have been web hosting and website updates. In the past, I’ve lost a few clients here and there due to web hosting issues, so I know from experience how important it is to have a reliable hosting service as the foundation of your online presence. . I have done my best to keep pace with changing technologies over the years. We started developing websites only with WordPress in 2008-2009. As WordPress developed, the functionality of the website increased and the demand for increased server resources came. When it came Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List to servers, I usually bought what I like to call “intermediate products”. They weren’t cheap, but they weren’t expensive or high end either.

Most Web Hosts Don’t Tell You About These Limitations

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In other words, if the customers weren’t complaining, neither was I. If you run a small, local business like many of my clients were at the time, server resources and heavy traffic may not be an issue. But once you start focusing more on content creation and e-commerce, that can change quickly. So at this point I started looking for other hosting options that would go beyond what we were currently using. In the back of my mind. I was increasingly worried that some of my clients would eventually outgrow the solutions I was providing them. So no matter how I looked at it, it was time for a change.

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