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Evaluate the content to be sold and the price to be charged for it. Membership site examples let’s take an example to understand it better. You have in mind to publish a course to create a web design business and you have several videos prepared on your computer. Where you explain step by step everything necessary for the final website to be successful. You have several ways to launch these videos. Through an info product where you publish the videos at once and charge for the entire batch. Or open a subscription website where you upload all the content. If you follow the first method. You make sure that your clients receive all the raw information and they have to filter what really interests them and what does not contribute anything to them.

Unless you simultaneously  Dominican Republic Phone Numbers   send them a summary text of each video that allows them to see what each is about. Video. On the contrary. With the second method. Once the membership site is open. Registered users enter. Pay for the subscription and begin to receive the information periodically. So that they can analyze it with more time and calm before receiving the next package you have. Prepared. In this case. In addition. You can determine several subscription levels. So that you charge less money at a lower level but also offer less detail about each video. Or you have a higher level in which. In exchange for a higher fee. You put additional information available to interested customers. Price and content are concepts that go hand in hand in this business model.

There Are Professionals

Who prefer to aim high. Offer little but high-quality content and. In exchange for that effort. Set high prices. In this way. So that they only have to worry about a handful of clients with high purchasing power and that they are not worried about paying a possible premium. Since they will have information that other users will never receive unless jump to the next subscription level. However. Most websites prefer to offer a low monthly fee but have hundreds or thousands of members at the same time. This is beneficial from the point of view of having so many clients that you can mitigate damages in case some accounts are canceled when they are due. However. The higher level of maintenance required. Many visits to the membership website at the same time.

Dominican Republic Phone Numbers
Becoming too “famous” (with all that this entails). Etc. Must be taken into account as drawbacks. Some wordpress plugins to create a membership site there are plenty of subscription plugins out there for any wordpress installation . But none have the full pack of features you could dream of. Some have the main function of creating new subscriptions at the same level. While other plugins allow you to create different subscription levels and grant different functions to each of those levels. Some plugins offer the function of dosing the content that clients should receive. While others directly block content that cannot be accessed unless a higher fee is paid. Lastly. Pay attention to the payment methods you want to enable. Are you going to accept only card payments.

The Plugin You Choose

Must cover the payment methods that you like the most. Otherwise you will be left without your precious income. Here are some plugins that currently exist in the wordpress repository: memberpress image of the main page of memberpress. A plugin to create a first level membership site memberpress is a plugin that makes it easy for you to charge your users for accessing the content you upload to your website. Giving you the power to organize and analyze all the new subscriptions that are created to obtain your products. At the same time. You have the power to restrict each user’s access to different articles. Pages. Categories. And files.Starting at $179 per year. This paid plugin offers multiple tools to properly set up your subscription website. If you want to create and sell online courses. Open an exclusive forum for your users or offer coupons.

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