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The enormous potential of this idea. Therefore. how to take advantage of each of the advantages of this social medium? 1. Minimalist designs Since this network captures attention through images and videos. B2B companies can take advantage of this technique to attract the attention of other companies by resorting to minimalist concepts. Examples: -Construction companies can use images that isolate the central idea. Subdued and simple photos can have a big impact on readers.

For a product delivery company. for example. an image of a package with the company logo next to a Mexico whatsapp number list mailbox will be more than enough to emphasize the importance of providing quality service. -A streaming service will only need an image of a tablet with its logo. accompanied by a single phrase such as “We have a date”. while baby clothing stores can use this concept by showing any of the clothing sets they sell . without major fuss or extravagance. The ideas are numerous. but the concept is the same: the simple but attractive can generate unexpected sales.

That Is A Large Number

Learn to use Instagram as a B2B company 2. Educational content Videos with brief. useful and educational information are essential in this age of digital transformation. In this social network. companies like HubSpot have set the example in this regard. His videos with interesting summaries on specific topics related to employment and digital marketing have thousands of views. Therefore. you have to take the best of these ideas to create your own content: -The “Top five” or “Top Ten” style videos are recommended for this purpose: “The 10 most successful companies to work for”.

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“The 10 best vacation destinations” or “10 promotion tips on social networks that you should not miss ”. -The information included in an image can be very useful for the audience. Health companies. for example. can share personal care tips through photographs distributed on various dates. 3. Storytelling and B2B companies Telling a story through images is not easy. Business to Business companies must create this type of content with a particular focus.

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The photographs of a certain product or service tell their own story visually speaking. However. this can be complemented with a suitable text. which can tell a brief history about the company. or how the company decided to improve this specific product. The ideas are varied. but each of them must generate interest in the prospect so that he decides to learn more about the brand. 4. It’s a great way to connect prospects to brand culture How to achieve it? Reddit and HootSuite are excellent examples of this.

the companies’ procedures for recruiting staff. and their concern to offer the best to their customers. Therefore. this social network offers the possibility of showing through short videos and photographs the way in which it is willing to improve the user experience. While this is also achieved through Facebook or the corporate blog . for example. Instagram will still help visually connect prospects with the company. Hence the importance of developing campaigns that interest and inform.

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