Why It Is Important to Take a Fixed

The use of audio is becoming increasingly important and larger. Last year we were introduced to the audio possibilities of Clubhouse and Facebook, among others, and this year LinkedIn is rolling out live audio conversations. After a slow start of the podcast in 2004, we see that they are now an integral part of the media landscape. How do you make your podcast a success? Research by Markteffect shows that 44% of the Dutch sometimes listen to a podcast. And 14% of them listen to a podcast every week and 8% even have one on every day. It is therefore logical that many organizations see podcasts as a means to increase their reach and authority. But where do you start? And how do you market such a podcast well? I will take you through the start-up and marketing of podcasts. Choose a catchy topic first Your podcast should of course be a huge success.

Is Important to Take a Fixed

That is why it is important to take a fixed theme and use a fixed structure. And last but not least: a catchy subject. You know your target audience, so you know what their pain points and interests are, and you respond to them. For example, as a garden center you could think of a podcast about garden and Ecuador Phone Number plant care, as an employment agency you could give tips about the best resumes and best jobs and as a digital marketing agency you could of course think of a podcast about digital marketing issues or a specific topic such as SEO. . Podcast for companies and brands. In short, marketing your podcast involves the following four steps: From good idea to substantiated idea Podcast SEO – how do you get found? Prepare & launch Promote your podcast Step 1.


Important to Take a Fixed

From good idea to substantiated idea You have an idea for a podcast? Top! Then it is wise to start with keyword research, because you naturally want to create content that is searched for a lot. Keyword planners, such as Semrush or Ubersuggest , give you insights into search results and help you on your way. As a final check, you can use Google Trends . This allows you to find out the popularity and peaks in search volumes of a topic at a given time. Are you in doubt about the choice between certain subjects? Then quickly compare them with Google Trends and you will have your answer to the question of which topic is more searched for. The numbers in Google Trends are relative and provide a comparison with each other, so you will not get the actual search volume from this tool.

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