Disadvantage In The Case of Abuse

There were high expectations in advance for this large, international marketplace player. Now we are almost two years later and many sellers have had the opportunity to start on the platform. Enough consumers have already placed their first orders via Amazon.nl. As an online marketer I was curious: are Dutch companies successful on Amazon.nl? And what is the best sales strategy on Amazon NL to win the Buy Box? Data Department conducted an investigation into this question, among other things, with our input. The impact of the Buy Box on Amazon.nl According to Amazon, 80 to 90% of consumers buy the product in the Buy Box . The chance of selling is therefore quite high if you win the Buy Box. If you do not have a Buy Box, it is less obvious that you can buy the product.

In The Case of Abuse

The Buy Box is therefore crucial for selling on Amazon. But it is still unclear which type of sales strategy works best and which elements are important. What is the ‘ recipe for success ?’ Example of Buy Box on Amazon Buy Box Example without buy box Amazon No Buy Box The Data Slovenia Phone Number Department study analyzed various aspects of Dutch sellers on Amazon.nl. Such as shipping, the offer, the most popular categories, reviews and the type of product sold on the platform. Let’s see how these aspects contribute to a successful sales strategy on Amazon.nl. Which categories are the most popular?  The categories in which the most products are found on the platform are Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry and Home & Kitchen.


The Case of Abuse

If we only look at the offer of Dutch sales partners, we see that most of them also focus on these categories. It is striking, however, that the percentage of products from Dutch partners in these categories is very low. In the Living & Kitchen category, 0.6% of the products are from Dutch partners. In the clothing, shoes & jewelry category, this is 0.2%. That’s minimal. Dutch partners clearly experience a lot of competition in these huge categories with extensive range and many other sales partners (from other countries). Diagram share Dutch offer in popular categories on Amazon We can say that there is a lot of offer in the largest categories and that Dutch sellers experience a lot of competition.

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