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Hands Free: As its name implies. It allows you to record videos without having to hold the smartphone -Additionally. You can also add music to the story to achieve a better effect. Instagram also allows you to add text. background colors. Lights or shadows. -Also. remember that photos or short videos previously stored on the phone can also be added immediately. -Once you have the exact content to add to the story. press “Next” to perform this action. Learn how to make the best Instagram stories Adding effects Effects can also be added to Instagram stories. Some of them are: -Hashtags.

Measurable surveys in percentages. -Actual temperature. -Emoticons. -Location. In addition. you can also change the size of the Jamaica whatsapp number list stickers with just a couple of clicks. The context of the story: the non-technical but equally important part After knowing the main technical aspects. you have to pay attention to the other part and this is the idea. message or artistic or brand concept that you want to convey. In this sense. the following aspects must be taken into account: – Videos should be fun . but at the same time convey a quick and valuable idea. Therefore.

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Content that is meaningless or that borders on ridicule or bad taste must be avoided. -Focusing directly on the product offered will always be the best way. therefore you have to take advantage of every angle to show it in the best way. Or. add short videos and photographs to the stories where people can be seen using it and enjoying the best of experiences. The frequency of the stories According to the respective marketing plan. the audience must be kept interested and engaged. Therefore: -In times of great promotion it will be necessary to elaborate and add as many stories as necessary. one immediately after the other. every 24 hours. -These contents must always be entertaining.

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Cause expectation. offer something new every day and adequately promote each product or service in an entertaining and eye-catching way. -In case there is a break in the digital strategy. or there is no product to promote during a certain period of time. the contents of the stories should focus on general information about the company. seasonal offers. or any other concept that is of interest to the user. Allow story sharing It is very important to allow users to share the stories with their contacts to help the promotion work. This will give greater visibility to the brand. generate interest and will also increase the number of subscribers considerably. The way to do it is: -Go to “Options”.

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From there to “Configuration of stories”. -Finally allow sharing. In this way any follower or user can send it by private message. In short: Instagram stories are an important part of the marketing campaign on this platform. The final objective will be to maintain the interest. Of the user with the creation of very brief content. but at the same time. Very entertaining. All you have to do is learn to use each of the functions and. Apply an adequate dose of creativity so that the result conquers thousands or perhaps millions of followers.

After some tests with a small group of users. The most famous bird in cyberspace decided to grow twice as big. In September. It started with an experiment to evaluate the public’s reaction. To the eventual change. and as of November 7. The company made the increase from 140 to 280 characters effective. For the rest of the profiles. Except those that use the languages Japanese. Korean or Chinese. Due to the density of their writing systems. This new feature of Twitter will allow marketing teams to take advantage of a series of advantages. which will benefit brands and customers.


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