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The website of the digital agency Blue. Fountain Media recommends four strategies that. In turn encompass a series of tasks. which we explain below: 1. Keep your customers happy Take advantage of the RRSS to boost your eCommerce If we had to choose a way to take advantage of the networks. which is highly effective for electronic businesses. surely this point comes out ahead. And it is that. after all the work that is deployed to transform prospects into clients. what corresponds is to make them feel satisfied and happy for having chosen your brand.

And here there are two quite decisive factors. customer service and institutional transparency . Consumers do not want to wait Iceland whatsapp number list days or weeks for a response or solution. they want speed and efficiency; and undoubtedly. platforms like Twitter are an excellent way to maintain almost instantaneous communication. empathize with the user and project confidence. In addition. they are a huge opportunity to be transparent and instead of suppressing criticism or legitimate customer complaints.

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Give honest and thoughtful answers. 2. Show your brand personality As stated in Blue Fountain Media. social networks are a valuable window to speak directly with users and customers. and allow them to get to know you as a brand. This is an important step for them to trust your eCommerce and earn their loyalty as consumers. To do? Take advantage of the visual nature of social media to tell stories about your company and your products . Make users reflect on your brand. For example. if you have a health food store. you can post images with appetizing and attractive dishes prepared with your products.

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To inspire your followers. But that’s not all. it will also be very positive that you show the faces of your company . it will make it more real and close. 3. Engage your users Now that your followers know and trust you. it’s time to build a more meaningful relationship with them and engage them closely with your social profile. Urge them to generate content. to promote it on your social networks. But it must be timely and have added value . Give your users a reason to visit your profile and website that is not only to purchase your products; because. if what they see interests them.

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They will still decide to buy. For example. thinking about your health food store. you could ask your followers to send a photo with their favorite recipe. made with what they bought at your store. to share it on your Instagram account . You can even reward the five most creative images. giving away a set of products. It is important that you deliver an incentive in exchange for what is generated by consumers. 4. Invest in paid media The advertising opportunities on these social channels are extensive and very effective in connecting with those people who might show interest in what you offer as eCommerce.

Through built-in tools. you can segment your ads. define how much daily money you are willing to spend. measure the campaign. among other tasks. But the key is that this notice has a strategic orientation and a functional content . And. of course. the presence of influencers is also essential. Find out who are the trendsetters in your market. who have a sizeable number of engaged followers; contact them and associate with the most suitable for your products. They will help you create brand awareness and increase your sales. Keep in mind that social networks are flooded with content and proposals from eCommerce. which may be very similar to yours.


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