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Close communication that reflects the personality of the brand. Currently it is difficult to imagine a Digital Marketing strategy without social networks. These media are already so important that they are an essential element to meet various objectives. such as traffic. arouse interest and generate conversions. among the most important. SHARE: On the other hand. there is no single specific rule to succeed in social media. You have to follow several tips to achieve this and each of them is as important as the rest. Total commitment: the basis of all the work to be done Many brands often forget that consistency is the path to success. Social media is not the exception and the different studies prove it .

In other words. for a strategy in these networks to really work. the frequency of publication and dedication to work are Guatemala whatsapp number list essential. The aforementioned investigations yield interesting figures. On Instagram it is necessary to post 1 to 2 times a day. While on Facebook a single daily content is enough. Some experts even say that a dozen messages on. Twitter each day is the minimum required to. Arouse enough interest and obtain abundant followers. Hence the relevance of fully committing to the strategy.

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This includes some essential points that. Must be taken into account at all times and without exception. Scheduling of the contents. The automatic or manual programming of the same. Depending on the size of the company. Is important so that the work flows naturally. Supplying the needs of the followers. Total dedication to create the information for each network.  If necessary. each of them must have a person in charge who is always. Willing to take the next step with vision and talent.

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The reason for this is that a strategy in each of these media can dramatically affect the operation of the company. not only due to the exposure received. but also due to the palpable benefits. The main ones will be traffic. conversions and good brand positioning. Quickly dominate the RRSS Listen to followers and customers Every social network should serve as a barometer of what new users. as well as current customers. are looking for. This requires constant interaction with them through these means. Comment boxes and instant or private messaging on Facebook.

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Twitter. Instagram and YouTube. among other networks. should be a means of listening to and responding to comments. suggestions and questions. Of course it is impossible to personally interact with each follower. However. it will always be necessary to let them know that the administrators read and take into account their opinions. In the case of urgent matters. it will be mandatory to respond to such demands as soon as possible. For a user there is nothing more disappointing than being ignored through these means.

So this will mean the difference between rejection and loyalty. so each brand must provide a first class service through social media. The passion for what is done Perhaps the CEO of the company is only interested in figures. data and results. On his part. the creator of content for social media knows that to reach that goal he requires something extra and that is his passion for his task. In this context. the creative minds running social media must really love their work.


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