How Woocommerce Ups Shipping Plugin Helps You

So you have finally set up your WooCommerce store. Your products are on display and people even like them. But what would you do after receiving your first order? How would you choose the shipping service and determine the shipping quotes? How would you pack the items in the box? These are some of the possible questions that might come to your mind while starting an online store. And yes, shipping is the hardest part of the steps required to fulfill an order. With the explosion of e-commerce and technology, store owners have embraced the latest trend of delivering items using carriers. UPS, for example, is one of the most sought-after shipping services. Their services are reliable, economical, secure, and more popular than any other shipping method.

Automatically Configure and Print Shipping Labels

As a result, many plugin authors offer multiple UPS shipping solutions for WooCommerce stores. WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin by PluginHive is the best UPS shipping solution among others. This is one of those plugins that offer UPS Shipping along with a bunch of other useful features. The WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin is designed to help you save time and simplify your overall shipping process. There are many features and functionality that work together to make this possible. Please read along to know Taiwan WhatsApp Number List more about this plugin. Real-time shipping rates For starters, you get real-time shipping rates that are displayed on the Cart and Checkout pages.

Share Order Tracking Details With Your Customers

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Taiwan WhatsApp Number List

The plugin collects the shipping information entered by the customer and sends a request to the UPS API. The API, in return, sends the list of services with the respective shipping rates. The plugin also displays international shipping services if your customer is from a different country. Now, if you don’t want to show all services and want to show some services like UPS Ground, you can do that too. The plugin allows you to enable or disable the services you would like or not to display on the Cart/Checkout page. You can also restrict your deliveries to certain countries. This is a very good feature and can be useful in many shipping situations.

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