How Well Are Your Recruiting Agency Competitors Using Social

Here’s a snapshot of the mid-sized digital marketing/agency recruitment market in London from some of our analysis earlier this year. You’ll see the results these agencies get from social media.  Vary widely some are clearly investing more in this than others. Social media activity and content sharing in this niche. A quick analysis of where companies generate their share of website content is instructive. The chart below shows that organizations in the industry are more focused on LinkedIn than anywhere else, with very little activity on Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Activity and Content Sharing in This Niche

This finding is interesting because recruiting agencies have the most candidate and client interest from Twitter and Facebook.  Once they try to Bolivia Phone Number List branch out beyond LinkedIn. So in this niche market, monopolizing the market scope offered by social media is still readily available. To reinforce this, we expect a social-media-savvy recruiting agency. This is to get over 200 shares per post if it invests in some media presence. As such, current performance levels could easily be invested in by recruiting agencies to gain a foothold in the market within a few months. Digital Marketing Recruitment Agency – Social Media Content Sharing Analysis.

Get Business Results From Social Media Two Elements of

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One or more competitors in this market have the potential to rapidly improve the results Twitter produces. As we can see from the pie chart below, some institutions in this market have invested in a Twitter presence and built a decent following. Both Blu Digital and 3Search can drive massive web traffic from Twitter with the right content strategy and tactics to leverage existing Twitter audiences. Digital Marketing Hiring – Number of Twitter Followers. When we look at Facebook, the situation is markedly different and we can see only Geminis invested in growing their audience there – although some agencies may advertise “under the hood” on Facebook. Digital Marketing Recruiting Facebook Followers. Get business results from social media. The two elements of a social media campaign that really delivers results for a recruiting agency are engagement and social sharing. If we start with social sharing first.

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