How To Use Linkedin Polls To Drive Engagement And Customer

LinkedIn polls can be used to gather market feedback, understand sentiment about what’s happening in the market. Seek opinions on new services you’re considering offering just to name a few. LinkedIn polls can help businesses learn more about their customers and prospects. They can also showcase your area of ​​expertise by gathering data and others in your market. When to use them in your social media activities. LinkedIn polls are particularly effective in two situations. First, if you want broad market feedback on an issue. Polls are a great way not only to reach out to your own network but to access LinkedIn.

Examples of Successful Voting on the Platform Those That Are

That’s because when people start responding to polls, your polls are shown to Albania Phone Number List others in their network. This means that polls will eventually reach and be a wider group of individuals. This broad approach to responses works best on their LinkedIn posts (as your existing engagement affects the extent to which LinkedIn shows your votes on the platform). The second situation where they are very effective is if your poll requires a more targeted response (only a specific market segment will be able to answer your poll question or will find it relevant) – and you or your business.

How to Create an Effective Poll on Linkedin Important to Try

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So if you eg. If you want your supply chain director to see and answer your poll, you can send the poll directly to the right people—provided you already have enough people in your network. How to Create an Effective Poll on LinkedIn. It’s important to try to ask questions that most people who will see them can answer. Someone has an extensive network of the right type of respondents in their LinkedIn network.

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