How to Use an Auto Social Media Poster in WordPress

Homepage Articles Technology How to Use an Auto Social Media Poster in WordPress How to Use an Auto Social Media Poster in WordPress Posted: 2021-09-20 If you have a blog, you know how important your social media presence is. So chances are you spend a lot of time promoting new blog posts on social media. What if there was a social media auto-poster that automatically sent new posts to your social accounts? There are! It’s a WordPress plugin called Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler, and I’ll show you how it works. Blog2Social will post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, plus seven or eight other networks.

How to See the List of Messages the Plugin Has Sent

It will automatically generate hashtags based on your post tags, and you can even repost old blog posts. A new browser window will open. If you are not logged into the social network, the new browser window will contain an identifier. I’m already logged into Twitter, so we were taken straight to the permissions screen. Read the app permissions to know what kind of access the plugin will have to your social account. You always read the terms, right? Granted, I don’t always read them either. But when it comes to app access, I do. Prevention is better Latvia Phone Number List than cure. Click the “Authorize Application” button. Repeat the process for each social network you want to connect the plugin to.

From Your Blog to Social Networks in One Click

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From your blog to social networks in one click Now let’s see a quick and easy way to post existing articles to your social media accounts. In the left navigation column, hover over the “Blog2Social” link and click on the “Site and Blog Content” link. While we were sending the Tweet, you probably noticed the scheduling option. Scheduling is only available in the paid “SMART” version of the plugin, so we won’t cover it here. There are many other cool features available in the paid version. The plugin offers a 30-day free trial of SMART features for you to enjoy. How to see the list of messages the plugin has sent If you return to the Share Website & Blog Content page, you will see a “Shared Posts” link.

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