How to Transfer Selected Data From a WordPress or Woocommerce Site

Moving content from one WordPress site to another can sometimes become quite a stressful and cumbersome task. Now, when you talk about moving content, there are two ways to do it; you can either migrate the whole website or just copy specific data from one site to another. The following tutorial aims to teach WordPress users how to move specific data from one WordPress site to another. However, if you want to migrate all of your website content, we’ve provided instructions for doing so at the end of this article. So let’s start, In order to copy selected data from one WordPress/WooCommerce site to another WordPress/WooCommerce, we will use a single WooCommerce store with the WordPress blog pre-installed. Why? So we can transfer both content, side-by-side blog posts and data from our WooCommerce store. Before you start, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Woocommerce Store With the WordPress Blog Pre-installed

First, the type of data that a WordPress blog and a WooCommerce store contains. A WordPress Blog contains the following two types of data, Articles (comments included, authors, categories, status, publication date, etc.) Pages On the other hand, a WooCommerce store contains When you go to navigate to the ‘ Tools’ option in WordPress, by default it is set to ‘ All Content ‘. Under this option are a number of individual options such as posts, pages, products, variants, orders, etc. You can simply select the information you want to transfer and click “Download Export File” . It will automatically generate an XML file which will be imported to your new WordPress site. Importing messages: In order to import articles from your old website to a Bahamas Phone Number List new one, all you have to do is navigate to “ Tools > Export ” and select “ Articles ”.

WordPress Blog and a Woocommerce Store Contains

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You have a variety of options to set, such as categories, authors, date, and status. Once you’re done, click ” Download Export File ” which will generate an XML file that will contain all posts, comments, authors, categories, etc. Once successfully installed and activated, you will be prompted to upload the XML file. Click ” Choose File ” and select the XML file we uploaded as shown above and click ” Upload File and Import “. Here is! Ended! Download file and import After successfully importing information to your new website, WordPress allows you to change post authors. Check “ Import attachments ” and check it if you want to upload attachments.

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