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Such as a discount coupon or the link to their social media so that they in turn gain many followers. This will help strengthen relationships between the brand and these loyal users while ensuring their loyalty for marketing purposes. A social media system for information management A software that integrates all social platforms will help reduce a large number of problems. among which are: -Risks of misuse of passwords. -Lack of monitoring of the activity carried out by administrators. -A better control of the information in general. Therefore. such a system will save headaches.

As well as being a convenient and professional option in any social marketing strategy. Choosing the type of social network that Jordan whatsapp number list works best depends on the sector. company profile and the type of content you want to share. Instagram has become an important platform for agencies. where they expose the development of their projects and open their doors to show the “behind the scenes” of their projects. their facilities and staff. SHARE: Nowadays. companies seek to position themselves as the “best place to work” and Instagram is an excellent option to show the daily life of a creative agency.

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Showing your human side favors engagement with your followers and the opportunity to attract new talent. clients and partners. Here we show you 15 agencies that you should follow as a source of inspiration. motivation and why not? as an opportunity to create a network of contacts with whom to establish a future business relationship. 1. Carrot Creative @carrotcreative is a digital agency out of Brooklyn. owned by Vice . They usually show the good attitude of their staff at work and the fun activities they do outside. His pirate skull flag with carrots (yes. you read that right) has traveled around the world with clients and collaborators.

Jordan whatsapp number list

And there are photographs in each place that confirm it. Creative agencies that will inspire you 2. Agency V @agencyvcph is an international creative agency with a presence in Copenhagen. New York. Berlin. Stockholm and Oslo. The Instagram account of their offices in Copenhagen shows a refined and minimalist style that is in line with their PR activities in fashion. beauty and style. It also delights us with images whose stage is the streets of this beautiful city. 3. Spark @sparkbrand This agency has an account worth following for the harmony of its photographic composition in terms of colors. shapes and textures.

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They show some behind-the-scenes and location photography they use for their videos. as well as branding projects. 4. Talk Shop Media @talkshopmedia is a Vancouver agency specializing in PR. social media and influencer marketing. Your account is the gateway to the best events. 5. Martin Agency The account of the creative agency @martinagency . with a presence in the US and London. allows us to take a look inside its facilities and witness the day-to-day of the creative minds that have placed Martin Agency among the most renowned agencies in the world.

World level. 6.Abnormal @anomaly is an agency with offices in several countries. In 2017. its headquarters in Los Angeles. USA. was named “agency of the year” by AdAge . Anomaly does not consider herself an ordinary agency and her Instagram account is a clear example of her peculiar way of doing things. 7. BBDO San Francisco @bbdosf is an agency faithful to the premise of: “if something is good. make it great. if it’s great make it legendary”. In their account they show us their most recent campaigns and the creative process behind them. 8. Red Antler @redantler in New York.


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