How To Make Social Media Your Most Important Source Of Candidate

More specifically, the results you can get from social media are a function of two variables. The reach you are achieving among. The target audience you wish to reach; and the amount of influence you are convincing. The people you reach to do something that is clearly valuable to the business ( such as the conversion rate achieved when registering a resume or requesting a phone call). Now, before I go any further, let me share with you the stats that really get your attention. In Greg’s business, Firebrand Talent, they hired 420 out of 700 candidates drawn to the business through social media. That’s a $6.7 million bill directly attributable to social media as a recruiting source.

Setting the Scene the Foundations of Social Media Success

I bet for most people reading this, that’s a pretty staggering number that you’d very much want to be able to replicate! Greg’s success is no accident. Crucially, significant thought has been put into what businesses might be the Belize Phone Number List convert social media followers into candidates who actually apply for job openings for which they are a good fit. It doesn’t just happen by accident or through good karma. It’s a flow of activity that needs to be planned so that it happens again and again. Greg admitted frankly that they didn’t get it right right away. There is trial and error, tweaking, and revamping. But eventually, it started to pay a huge price.

The Conversion Not Reached Equals the Smallest Result Greg

In Greg’s case, after testing various approaches, they settled on offering candidates a free paycheck. Candidates will be drawn to a page where they will share some key information about themselves.  And will then receive a customized salary estimate of the range they should aim for in their next career. By doing this, candidates submit Greg’s team need to be able to send highly targeted job alerts. All information in the following weeks. To add to the beauty of this strategy, all of this is automated. Advisors aren’t involved until the resume is in their inbox. Why Greg’s approach is so successful.

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