How To Hire On Google Is A Huge Recruiting Anomaly It Has More

The only problem I can see is that some recruiters may have become hooked on the enterprise tools LinkedIn provides. Indeed, if you just want to quickly research a long list of candidates to approach and then quickly message your target, Google+ can seem laborious and time-consuming by comparison. But if your company’s success depends on reaching a higher percentage of goals — and candidates you inevitably miss on LinkedIn — then adding Google+ to your recruiting armor is an absolute must. The two methods you are most likely to be interested in are. Build your recruiting brand on Google+. Find candidates on Google+.

One Reason for the Slow Adoption of Google+ Must Be Recruiters

After walking you through setting up a profile on Google+, I’ll focus on the first of these – along with a suggested article covering the purchasing angle. Set up your Google+ profile. You can consider your presence on Google+ in a similar way to your presence on LinkedIn. Individual recruiters can have their own profiles and. Be active on the Jamaica Phone Number List site in their own way. Company brands can also have their own company profiles and job postings on Google+. The huge advantage over LinkedIn is that a business profile on Google+ can do almost everything a profile can do. As a company or recruiting brand, you can be active in a community (think group), you can circle other people (think follow), comment on their posts and +1 them (equivalent to “likes”).

You Can Consider Your Presence on Google+ in a Similar Way

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As we’ll discuss in the section on building your recruiting brand, this allows you to proactively build a following of your recruiting brand — something that’s only possible on LinkedIn through paid advertising. The implications of doing so are huge, especially for any recruiter trying to operate on a limited budget. A company profile also elicits a different response from people than a personal recruiter profile, so it’s worth taking the time to create and maintain both. So the first step is obviously to set up your personal and company job profiles. Then we’ll want to understand how Google+ works so we know how to use those profiles effectively. There have been many excellent posts on how to create a visually appealing, keyword-rich, and targeted profile.

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