How to Fix Common WordPress Problems

Let’s take a moment and talk about common WordPress website hosting mistakes. WordPress is easy to use, but some of the most common WordPress issues can be a bit nerve-wracking. In this article, I’ll show you how you can fix common WordPress issues. Note: The initial step is a full site backup. This is a crucial step that should not be overlook. The backup ensures that in the event of a disaster, the website can be restore without any problems. WordPress white screen of death One fine morning, you wake up, have a coffee and sit down at your workstation. You turn on your laptop screen, open your browser and enter your website URL.

WordPress Keeps Logging Out

Surprisingly, you encounter a blank page! No matter how many times you refresh, you cannot access the site. If troubleshooting the plugin doesn’t fix the problem, don’t worry, you should go to the next step. In this step, you should try changing your current theme to a twenty-sixteen default theme. The ideal approach to do this is to back up your theme folder and then delete the theme. This way WordPress will automatically revert to the default theme and your error will be automatically fixe if it is a theme relate issue. Other fixes If none Russia WhatsApp Number List of the above fixes are worthwhile, you should reinstall a fresh version of WordPress. Also, you  the debug function if you want to see what type of errors are displaye in output.

WordPress Login Page Refresh and Redirect Issue

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If clearing browsing data to fix connection issues does not fix the problem, you should try removing the .htaccess file code. In some cases, the .htaccess file can get corrupte, which can lead to internal server errors or a login page refresh error. You just need to access your website via FTP. If you’ve been using WordPress for an extended period of time, you’ve probably encountered the disconnection issue for at least once. To be honest, this can be considered one of the most frustrating issues especially when you are recording a vital parameter. It is also known as session timeout issue and this issue occurs for a number of reasons. Some reasons are listed below,

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