How to Download Free Images From Pixabay Into WordPress

Pictures. One of the most important things to consider when building a website. In the past, you either had to provide your own or pay websites to use quality images. That’s no longer the case, because Pixabay for WordPress has made it super easy to upload high-quality free images to your website. There are still a number of websites where you can pay a fee to be able to access quality images to use. However, over time, more and more free images become available on websites like Pixabay. Let’s take a look at what Pixabay is and discuss how you can easily upload Pixabay images to WordPress and use them for free. What is PixaBay? Founded in 2010 in Germany, Pixabay is a free international website for sharing photos, illustrations, vector graphics, movie clips, and music.

Why use Pixabay in WordPress

It was formed under the idea of ​​“copyleft”. Copyleft is essentially a way of giving people the right to freely distribute copies and modified versions of a work, as long as the same rights are preserved in derivative works created later. Basically, you can go to Pixabay and download any of the above file types for free. You can then use them however you want on your website. You cannot resell them for your own profit, but everything on the website is, indeed, free to use. There are a few stipulations when using certain files like video, but as long as you give attribution, you’re good to go. Basically, Pixabay has made it much easier for website owners and Benin Phone Number List designers to access high-quality images without having to pay an arm and a leg for them. Why use Pixabay in WordPress?

Download Free Images in WordPress

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As we mentioned above, quality images can be hard to find. Adding Pixabay to WordPress makes it easier because you have access to millions of high-quality images for you to use. The main drawback is that you can see the same images used on multiple sites. That being said, it’s a small price to pay to be able to access an image library of this size with just about any type of image you can imagine. You can use the main Pixabay website to upload photos and embed them on your website. However, there is a faster and easier way to add WordPress images for free. You can also easily optimize your images. Let’s take a look at the plugin that makes this possible, then we’ll go over installation and usage together.

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