How to Display a Floating Contact Form on All WordPress Posts

Want to add a floating contact form in WordPress? If you run a business, you understand the importance of giving new and existing customers the opportunity to contact you. However, hoping they find your contact page may not be enough. A floating contact form can appear in your sidebar area and be visible anywhere on your website. This makes it extremely useful when communication is needed. Today, I’m going to show you how to use the all-in-one floating contact form plugin to achieve this. Who is a floating contact form for? Not all WordPress sites will need a floating contact form. You could get away with just adding a contact form to your navigation menu. But, it doesn’t have that nice look that a float can offer. This is for websites that rely heavily on communication to receive work. For example, many graphic designers have their own website that acts as a portfolio.

All-in-one Floating Contact Form Installation

It’s about helping potential clients see their work and decide if they want to hire them. They rely on receiving work orders to do business, which would make a floating contact form useful. However, if you have a basic personal blog, this probably isn’t a feature you need. A normal contact page will suffice. Does not replace a Contact Us page If you think you won’t have to create a Contact Us page because you have a floating contact form, you’re wrong. It is not a substitute. The Contact Us page not only allows you to provide more information Bosnia & Herzegovina Phone Number List but also gives you a page to sell yourself to potential customers. The floating contact form will only allow visitors to leave their information and not view yours.

Does Not Replace a Contact Us Page

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Bosnia & Herzegovina Phone Number List

On top of that, having a photo of you visible does a lot to remind visitors that you’re a real person and not just some guy on the internet. So, a Contact Us page is one of the most important pages you should create. Not to mention that contact information can play a role in SEO as it is part of expertise, authenticity, and reliability. All-In-One Floating Contact Form Installation All-in-one floating contact form is a sticky contact form WordPress plugin. This means that it provides forms that stay on pages and posts. It’s great for pushing products, services, or even social media accounts. Luckily, the plugin is really easy to configure and it has lots of customization options. Let’s start by clicking on Plugins and selecting the Add New option from the left admin panel.

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