How to Develop a Strong Social Media Strategy if You Were

If you were attracted by this article, you may be one of a growing number of recruiters who believe their business needs a social media strategy. For the past 36 months, I’ve been working on developing and deploying a social media strategy. Originally to spark interest in social recruiting…and increasingly, the business of recruiting clients we serve. So I thought it would be great to help our recruiter followers and contacts if I use words (and infographics on your wall!) some of the key things to take action when developing and implementing your social media strategy method. With that in mind, grab yourself a cup of coffee, take a deep breath.

What Action Do You Want Your Target Audience to Take?

Think carefully about all of the following questions before starting your social media strategy. Once you start, things snowball and you will quickly find that your time is consumed by things that would not have been the Ivory Coast Phone Number List priority if you had thought about them from the start. Define your target audience. Who do you want to reach with your social presence? potential candidate? Potential recruiting client? What industry are you targeting, in what region, and at what level of qualifications? Are you hiring for a niche market… if so, can they really be served by a set of social profiles? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you do anything.

How Valuable Is Your Social Profile to Your Target Audience?

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In order for your strategy to be effective, you must have a clear and thorough understanding of who you want to reach so you can craft your strategy accordingly. Knowing this information is essential for finding and creating content for your profile, and will help you identify the social media platforms your target audience is most likely to use. What action do you want your target audience to take? Going forward, what is your team’s success on social media? Increased candidate traffic to your career page? Upload your resume to your ATS? Request a call to discuss hiring challenges for potential future clients? The answers to these questions will affect the tone of your social profiles, what you share, and the calls to action you introduce in your updates.

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