How to Create a Marketplace Store With the Dokan Plugin

You may have made several online purchases, chosen from hundreds of products and paid by credit card. Have you ever wondered where all these products come from, these different prices, these different colors and sizes? More importantly, how are all these things handled? In this article, I will describe a great idea that brings all of these things together. People usually create online stores especially WooCommerce Marketplace to unite multiple vendors in one platform. Since these stores provide choices at a great price, these platforms usually grow. This industry has exploded due to the low cost of entry and easy maintenance of the platform.

Benefits of Using Dokan Marketplace Plugin

It’s so easy that even you can start your own version of Amazon or eBay right away. Online shopping has grown exponentially over the past decade due to the convenience, simplicity and ease offered by options such as marketplaces. An online marketplace is basically an e-commerce platform where multiple third parties come together to post products and services for sale. As you can see, a marketplace provides large volumes of data and traffic. Essentially, marketplaces benefit from the breadth of effort of all sellers. When developing a marketplace, remember these questions: Imagine how many brands you will be able to host and how your China Phone Number List WooCommerce store has the potential for growth. It’s also much more cost-effective than running a physical store.

A Complete E-commerce Solution

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China Phone Number List

Now, you might think that creating a marketplace in a WooCommerce store is a difficult task. However, I’m going to introduce you to a great free solution that you can use to build your dream marketplace. See you, Plugin Dokan Marketplace! For example, Seller Verification is an extension that lets you verify the authenticity of your sellers by getting their social profiles, phone numbers, and photo verification. Dokan Simple Auctions allows sellers to create auction stores so they can create their own versions of eBay. Dokan subscriptions charge your suppliers for product limits.

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