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but at this point. more than a suggestion. including them is practically an obligation. According to the Smart Insights site; In 2017. 90% of all content shared by users on social networks was audiovisual and it is estimated that by 2020. it will represent 80% of online consumer Internet traffic . As they assure in the Digital Marketing platform . the biggest challenge is to define how you will capture the attention of your audience in the first 3 seconds. and that is when the strategy comes into play. Don’t post a video just for the sake of sharing. You must have well-defined objectives.

Know the needs and interests of the public you will address and know which is the most suitable network for your purposes. 2. Use Czech republic whatsapp number list buttons to share content They are crucial in helping to make information viral and drive greater engagement with it. But as the Kissmetrics site exposes . for them to be highly functional buttons. they must be easy to find and understand. not interfere with the content. and have a strategic location. Also. depending on the design and style of your site.

Over And Over Again Should

You can choose between online sharing buttons or stickers. The first are those that we find organized horizontally. for example. on the first paragraph; and the second ones are located in a floating lateral way. remaining while the user moves. But if you choose the latter. keep in mind that they do not work when entering from a mobile; in fact. from their vertical position they move to the bottom of the screen so as not to hinder the display of the content.

Czech republic whatsapp number list

Generate different messages for different platforms We know that social networks do not have a common demographic and. therefore. not all products or services are suitable to be promoted. advertised or sold in any of them. It is important that. when generating a Social Media strategy. the demographic characteristics of the platform are considered. In other words. your sales processes must be aimed at a specific audience and a specific channel. Although if. for example. you discover that the most suitable network for what you offer is Facebook; It doesn’t mean you can’t build Brand Awareness on Twitter or Instagram.

Endorse Such Content Regardless

Work strategically. but don’t limit opportunities to expand your brand recognition. 4. Write headlines that grab attention When generating them. think about your audience. Write clear and concise titles. pointing to a useful topic of interest to users. Kissmetrics shares three formats that allow you to add value to your publications: How to (do something) that will help you (experience the desired result) . For example.

“How to develop an Instagram Ads campaign to increase your conversions?”. (#) Ways of (doing something) to (produce the desired result) . For example. “10 ways to visualize your data to bring your corporate blog to life ”. What is the best (topic) that will do (something desirable)? For example. “What is the best web analytics tool to optimize your content strategy?”. 5. Use your social networks as a support channel The volume of customer service on social platforms has increased considerably. it is common to see in the profiles of companies linked to basic services.

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