How to Add Extra Custom Fields in Woocommerce Checkout Page

There will be times when you really need to add WooCommerce custom checkout fields on a checkout page according to your needs and it can be a really heavy job. So we’ve created a tutorial to help you get started. This tutorial helps you understand exactly how to add a custom field to a WooCommerce checkout page. Contents By using the WooCommerce Checkout Manager plugin Customizing Shipping Form in WooCommerce Checkout Page Remove fields from WooCommerce checkout page Add Fields to WooCommerce Checkout Page Show field value on WooCommerce checkout page There are many alternatives for editing WooCommerce checkout pages: third-party plugins, WooCommerce extensions, custom development. Let’s take a look at the options available to optimize your payment.

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A WooCommerce custom checkout field is important during assembly to get additional data from buyers before completing an order. I also covered how you dynamically customize additional fields, such as removing billing address, adding/editing custom checkout fields, and saving those custom fields to the database in WooCommerce Custom payment fields: edit, delete fields and email. This method adds the custom field to the checkout page using the provided code. To start with the coding, we have to follow the following steps declared below. First, we need to perform an action on our functions.php file, then we’ll use this code to start customizing the India Phone Number List checkout page: Since the checkout page often serves as a data collection resource, many store owners often want to customize the checkout page and add custom fields to their WooCommerce checkout page.

Using the Woocommerce Checkout Manager Plugin

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This usually involves adding and/or removing fields from the page. To customize WooCommerce checkout fields, WooCommerce offers several filters that deal with the main groups of fields on the page. In particular, these filters include woocommerce_checkout_fields (for checkout fields), woocommerce_billing_fields (for billing-related fields), and woocommerce_shipping_fields (for shipping-related fields). Now that this tutorial is about checkout fields, I will mainly work with the woocommerce_checkout_fields filter. The good news is this: it’s exceptionally easy to modify.  WooCommerce checkout pages to ensure that the page serves its purpose. In this short tutorial, I will cover both add and delete fields.

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