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That will be your best strategy to shine on these platforms. Hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners recognize that to promote a project. it is necessary to create noise; In this scenario. the digital age offers a wide range of possibilities and also highlights the importance of creating a social media marketing plan from the beginning of the project. SHARE: Generally. people think that structuring a marketing plan for social networks is quite simple. but it is not; To implement a strategy that meets your expectations or those of your client.

You will have to train yourself and keep yourself updated; it is very important to worry about understanding the digital India whatsapp number list universe and its unpredictable changes. Keep in mind that the correct use of social networks will have a positive influence on the development of your project. but just as it can boost you in a matter of hours. it can also harm your account if the strategy is not well focused. Hence its importance. Now. how to build the appropriate approach for your Social Media strategy? #1 Define your target Create the right approach in RRSS The target is the audience.

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To build our approach we have to know who the audience is that we are going to address ; but not only that. but also study it. know it and analyze it to understand it. We must take a sample. called a buyer persona . and detect basic data such as: Age. Gender. Civil status. Profession. Level of education. Hobbies and tastes. It is possible that we have more than one audience or potential client profile. in that case. we suggest you build a maximum of three or four cards with photos.

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It is one of the most recommended exercises by marketing experts. Define your goals If you don’t know what you want to achieve in Social Media. It will be impossible to design an approach. And for this you must take into account the type of project. You are working on and the stage in which it is. Among the goals to establish. you can consider. Increase the number of followers. Putting into practice actions that will expand your audience. Publishing and sharing information of interest to the target audience. The idea is to achieve greater visibility.  Improve online reputation: You must be careful with the image you want to project on social networks. therefore. it is extremely important to review all the information before it is published.

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To achieve this. you can publish content that excites the user to buy. It is feasible to devise promotion plans or discounts to hook the audience. Choose the most convenient social networks. It is not necessary to have a presence on all social networks. It will be enough for you to develop your strategy on the platforms that your target uses. And at the same time. keep in mind that said strategy may vary. Since it will depend on the social network you decide to use.

Facebook: It is the social network with the largest number of users. almost no strategy can avoid it. and precisely because of the wide range of personalities. a close language is recommended. Remember that emotions are the universal language. – Twitter: Very popular among journalists. advertisers and politicians. Although it has fewer users than Facebook. its community is very active due to the fleeting nature of information. Informal. precise and purely informative language is recommended. – Instagram: One of the most used social networks today. and like Facebook.


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