How Does Gen Z Prefer To Purchase Products

One in two Gen Zers prefer to make purchases through online retailers like Amazon, while 37% like to go directly to a company’s website.

23% of Gen Z prefers to buy through social media apps, while 22% favor going through a company’s mobile app.

How Does Gen Z Like To Pay?

47% of Gen Z has purchased a subscription for a physical product in the past three months, the highest of any generation.


But when we asked which payment model they prefer, Gen Z still largely favors buying a product for full price as needed.


And that wraps it up for Gen Z! Now we can talk about their slightly older, yet noticeably different counterparts, Millennials.

Millennial Shopping Habits 2022 (ages 25-34)

50% of Millennials have discovered new products on social media in the past three months, and 59% of them say it’s where they discover new products most often.


Social media is also the primary way Millennials prefer to discover new products, according to 33% of those 25-34.

Similar to Gen Z, 90% of Millennials use social media, for an average of 4 hours per day, slightly lower than that of Gen Z.


As far as the platforms they use, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Wuhan Mobile Phone Number are the top platforms by usage in the past three months. Over half of Millennials have used TikTok in the past three months, and 44% have used Snapchat.


When it comes to the social media apps Millennials use most, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram lead the way.

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Social Media Drives Millennial Product Discovery

But just like with Gen Z, the app used most differs sharply by gender. Millennial women use Facebook the most, followed by Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Meanwhile, Millennial men use YouTube the most, followed by Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok fourth.

When it comes to Millennials’ favorite social media app, Facebook stays at #1, but Instagram pulls ahead of YouTube.

Now that you know which platforms Millennials prefer to find new products on, here are the formats they want to see on social media, among those who use it.

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