How do enterprises take inventory of data assets Saudi Arabia Mobile Number

Asset inventory in the traditional sense refers to the periodic inventory of assets to. Determine the actual amount of various properties in a certain period of time. Data asset inventory is the inventory of the data owned by the enterprise to determine the data currently owned by the enterprise.

As we all know, data assets are the data base for the digital transformation of enterprises. Saudi Arabia Mobile Number To carry out digital transformation, enterprises must do a good job in the management of data assets. For example, in order to meet the needs of data supply, an important basic work is the inventory of data assets.

Top-down combing

Only by comprehensively sorting out the data as assets in the enterprise, can data practitioners understand the full picture of data assets, draw data asset maps, and organically connect the technical and business aspects of data, so that the data in the enterprise can be seen, understandable and relevant. This will lay a solid foundation for formulating better data strategies, building stronger data trust, and realizing smarter data applications. Today, the editor will talk about the inventory of data assets from the following aspects.

Why take inventory of data assets

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The rapid growth of data scale has brought opportunities for digital transformation and intelligent Saudi Arabia Mobile Number transformation for enterprises, and also put forward higher requirements on the ability to control data assets. Data asset inventory is the premise of solving enterprise data asset management. By inventorying the data owned by the enterprise, it will help the enterprise to figure out the following problems:

Therefore, comprehensively promoting the inventory of data assets is an important means to find out the background of data assets, clarify the inventory of data Saudi Arabia Mobile Number assets, identify the scope of data assets, and build a map of data assets. It is also an important means to accurately identify valuable data assets and unify data assets. Standardize management, and then realize the important basic work of maximizing the value of data assets and a virtuous circle.

There are two methods of data asset inventory that can help us sort out the enterprise data asset list or data asset catalog. Namely “top-down sorting” and “bottom-up inventory”.

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