How do product managers deal with trivial routines? Here are 4 suggestions Turkey Mobile Number

When I first turned into a product manager, at least thirty or forty people came to me every day, and it was often four o’clock in the afternoon after I had dealt with various things, and I didn’t do any work at all. At that time, I often worked overtime, and I could only use the quiet time after get off work to design products and write requirements documents. The whole process was extremely painful, and there was no output.

After being scolded a few times, I realized that I had to make a change, and after a lot of hard work and trying, I finally found some tricks that put me on a fast-track to growth.

1. From the essence, can trivialities be avoided?

Why do product managers do Turkey Mobile Number all kinds of messes every day?

Are there any product managers who only focus on product design and market research every day?

Don’t want to be a product manager who is disturbed by all kinds of fools every day?

To answer these questions, we have to start with the essence of product managers, that is, we must first study what a product manager is. I think Mr. Su Jie described this issue very well in “Everyone is a Product Manager”:

2. Four magic weapons to deal with trivial daily life

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1. Distinguish priorities and make bold choices

Product managers should learn to focus on core matters. For some unimportant requirements, it is recommended to decline them or put them in a time when resources are sufficient.

As the title says, this magic weapon is actually divided into two steps: distinguish the priority and make a bold choice.

Let’s talk about the first step first, distinguish the primary and secondary.

For product managers, requirements are generally divided into three categories – self-planned, bosses, and other departments.

Everyone thinks that their own needs are the most urgent when they put forward their needs. The needs of others are not as important as their own, but resources are limited and they cannot do everything. Product managers should have a steelyard in their hearts, so that they can distinguish what is important.

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