How Cloudways is a cornerstone of success by Shay Toder

My name is Shay Toder and I am a website speed optimization expert. I’ve been a SQL DBA (database administrator) since 2006, and what I love the most is taking a process that typically takes 30 hours and improving it to 3 minutes, or taking a query of 60 seconds and improving it to 0.1 seconds. So when I wanted to start an online business, it was natural for me to merge my passion for improving website performance and processes, and about two years ago I started my blog in this niche. At that time, I already had a website hosted by a company recommended by many enthusiastic affiliates. Right off the bat, this notorious hosting was noticeably slow! I kept looking for better accommodation and kept reading reviews.

My bad experience with previous hosting companies

Then I decided to move my site to another hosting provider recommended by the WordPress maintainer, but I was not satisfied with two things: firstly, the speed was still not adequate for me, and secondly, their staging server did not support gzip compression. . These turned out to be an inconvenience for me as I wanted to do speed tests on this server, and it skewed the test results I decided to stop listening to reviews and affiliates and conduct my own comparison of different hosting choices. So I investigated a bit and narrowed down Guatemala WhatsApp Number List my options to two hosting companies. Both seemed like good choices, but I didn’t want to take anyone’s word for it and opened accounts with both.

Win the 2019 WordPress Performance Contest

Guatemala WhatsApp Number List
Guatemala WhatsApp Number List

In my comparison, however, I also added the other popular hosting providers (since I already had accounts with them). Then I installed the same site on all my candidate hosts with the same configuration simultaneously to get true and accurate results. One fine spring day, while I was working on speeding up sites for clients and messaging with a colleague, he mentioned a page speed optimization contest. My eyes widened; competition? On my favorite niche? SIGN ME UP! I entered the competition immediately (not everyone was allowed to compete!). After patiently waiting for a month, dreaming, waiting, and hoping… I received the message that I had been chosen to be one of the many participants! I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, though.

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