Here’s How to Customize Woocommerce Single Product Page

The WooCommerce product page has a predetermined structure that displays product details in a fixed order. Generally, WooCommerce store themes change this slightly by changing the order of information, but things stay more or less the same. The problem is that the order of the product summary is predefined and no theme could do enough to reorder the summary. Fortunately, the solution to this problem (customizing the WooCommerce product page) is simple: change the order of the product summary page via WooCommerce hooks.

Woocommerce Single Product Hooks

Remember that the code will go in functions.php (located in the main theme or child theme). Now, in order to display the custom data on the product summary page, I’m going to use a function that attaches the fields to a WooCommerce action (with the desired priority). In the following sample code, I’ll display the custom fields after the product snippet but before the add to cart: In this tutorial, I explained how to customize the WooCommerce product page. It is a great way to customize the WooCommerce product page through a Spain WhatsApp Number List custom structure. If you need help, leave a comment below. Each hook displays a product detail. You will notice that each hook has a number associated with it.

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This number sets the priority of the hook and determines the order of execution of the hook. In this case, the higher the number, the lower the priority of the execution. For example, the order of execution for “woocommerce_single_product_summary” would be product title. Price, snippet, add to cart, meta, and share links: Now, to change the order of elements, just change the associated priority and WordPress will change the display order. To do this, first remove the hook, then re-add the hook with the revised priority. See the following code snippet for implementing this process:

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