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which allowed you to identify the songs that your contacts place in their stories. To enjoy this function. you only have to download both applications and one of them will automatically ask you to link it to the other. From that moment on. when you see someone else’s story. you will notice the Shazam symbol in one of the corners so you can activate it when you want to identify a song. Being able to apply two filters at the same time Another special feature that you may not have noticed in this app is that we can now apply up to two filters at once on each story.

This gives Snapchat a lot of potential as a smartphone video editing tool as it is the only one with this capability. This function will allow us to create more elaborate and impressive stories. a Portugal whatsapp number list professional could do magic with it and begin to take advantage of this market. Speedmotion and slowmotion effects Another function that allows us to make professional-level stories from our smartphones. Playing with the playback speed of a video is essential to convey certain types of emotions and sensations to viewers. With Snapchat ‘s slowmotion and speedmotion function we can do this.

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To apply these effects we only have to record a simple story and when we are in the editing interface. we can modify the playback speed of the video. It is still a somewhat archaic function because it does not allow you to speed up or slow down much. but enough to create a quite aesthetic timelapse. Add links to your stories The definitive feature that makes Snapchat one of the best tools to attract traffic to our home page and to promote eCommerce products. Now we can add links to our videos and stories. Executing this function is as easy as tagging another user in our stories.

Portugal whatsapp number list

only instead of putting a username we put the URL. We can say that with this function we can enhance our mobile first strategy . Snapmap and story explorer The snapmap is one of the functions that has caused the most furor in recent months. It is a map where you can see where your contacts are in real time. as if you had put a tracking chip on them. In addition to the snapmap. we also have a new browser function. in which we can see the most outstanding stories around the world.

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This is fantastic because it gives us much more facilities to attract followers within the application that we later convert into loyal customers. Undoubtedly . Snapchat has enough potential to become one of the most profitable social networks for our digital marketing strategy . Currently many ignore this. so the first one to do it will be the one who makes the most of it for his project. 2017: The year in which even grannies have Instagram and all young people under 23 have. yes or yes. Snapchat. Social Networks have revolutionized the way we communicate and interact .

in 1994 with GeoCities. The popularity of each. however. changes over time. Today we present the most used Social Networks in 2017 . according to the statistical data center Statista . SHARE: As of April 2017. these were the most used social networks of 2017 FacebookMost used RRSS in 2017 Facebook.

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