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We call it fishing where the fish are . So less generic messages in general channels and more targeted conversation starters where your different target groups are active. Such as in groups in Teams, on internal social channels or on the intranet. Also read: Internal communication & digital collaboration in 2022: 10 trends Even better than starting all conversations yourself is encouraging and facilitating others to do  so. In other words, leaders about strategic narratives , but also project managers about achieved milestones or experts Austria Phone Number about developments in their field. Your role then becomes more of directing the story, which is told by the main characters themselves.

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Internal community engagement. 3. Ensure engagement In order to give all those storytellers a stage, it is important that the above-mentioned fish ponds exist. As an organization you have to ensure that you can reach Austria Phone Number all important strategic groups. From Communication you can take the lead in this. A number of groups are logical and probably already running: business units, Austria Phone Number departments, locations. But also think of creating connections, such as communities of practice of people with the same role, or communities of interest around specific themes.

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Examples of such groups that have received a lot of Austria Phone Number attention lately are ERGs ( Enterprise Resource Groups ) of employees with a shared identity, which contribute to diversity and inclusion. Or groups around CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ), which are a good way to involve colleagues more widely in Austria Phone Number the organization, for example on themes such as sustainability and charity. You can be the catalyst for this. 4. Coach managers But of course you don’t have to do everything yourself. In fact: not at all! However, as communication people you can motivate and inspire Austria Phone Number others.

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