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According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index mentioned earlier. 72% Benin Phone Number of managers feel that they are not well supported when setting up hybrid work. You can play an important role in communication. In particular, engage your Benin Phone Number Business Partners for this. As a communication department, you are also often the owner of, Do you use themes (so-called templates) and standard functionalities (plugins) in the website? Using this is pleasant, but it does not always give you the complete freedom or flexibility you are looking for. Research (including by looking at reviews, sales figures and Benin Phone Number support options) whether there are (even) better options to make your website look more professional.

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There is a good chance that you also know this from your own Benin Phone Number experience – and that you have already switched to social media such as WhatsApp for private use. At work this is Working Out Loud : communicating transparently via a timeline about the work you have done or what needs to be done. Of course you also Benin Phone Number know: timing is crucial in communication. Therefore, help managers plan information exchange to find a good balance between alignment and focus time for their teams. Hybrid working is largely digital working and that involves a much greater emphasis on written information.

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Explain to managers – and their team members – how to write a good post and how to properly structure online conversations into storylines ( threads ) with messages and comments. Do not demand perfect prose, for that deters people. Even spelling Benin Phone Number mistakes are okay, as long as they get their information across clearly. 5. Collect experiences The last major role you can take is that of matchmaker. Many organizations are experimenting with hybrid working in all kinds of places, but little knowledge is shared or evaluated. Bring all those experiences together, help develop best practices , make sure everyone hears about the success stories. You can even turn it into an (online) hybrid manual.

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