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competitive environment requires investing in the right digital tools and creating engaging online customer experiences. Here are some clear ways brands can beef up their. In the first place.  e-commerce sites and win over customers this holiday season and beyond. Enhanced product view This holiday season, it’s more important than ever for retailers to provide accurate and detailed product . In the first place. descriptions online for consumers who avoid stores. Since shoppers cannot touch, feel, taste or smell the product, what they see on the website gives them a first-hand sense of what to expect when they receive their order. It is imperative that To do this,

brands can leverage two primary

product view tools. Rotating Product Views In brick-and -mortar stores, shoppers can pick up a product and see it from all angles. Retailers can recreate this CMO Email Lists experience by adding a smoothly spinning omnidirectional product view that allows the product to be rotated with a finger or mouse . This can be done with a static spinset image or an interactive omnidirectional video ( here ‘s how to use it ). With these, you can virtually flip each item on-screen, giving shoppers confidence in their purchase, reducing return rates and improving customer satisfaction. video player Error loading this resource Zoom

Feature Another way to recreate the in-

CMO Email Lists

In the first place. store experience is to offer detailed zoom features that allow customers to get a closer look at any part of the product. For example, customers who buy luxury handbags can expand clasps, zippers, materials, and so on. For that reason, full-size, high-resolution product images are important. By providing sharp images of every detail and being able to zoom in . on details, your website will be more effective and .

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