Google Disavow Tool and Follow the Instructions

Here are the two different ways to disavow your low quality or spammy backlinks. #1 Disavow Backlinks Using Google Disavow Tool Prepare a list of all URLs or domains to disavow from Google consideration. Have the file in .txt format. Even you can mention the records describing all the efforts you made for the removal of the link. Therefore, Google can understand that you tried to contact the webmaster to request the removal of the link. Here are the few tips to format the Disavow file – Create a .txt file Each line must have a unique domain or URL In the case of a complete deletion of the domain, mention “domain” at the beginning

of the URL. eg domain: spamdomain

When mentioning records about attempted link removal, use the # symbol in each line as this is not part of the disavow. Make sure you have prepared the file in Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists a perfect format. Otherwise, you might encounter the entire file being rejected by Google for incorrect formatting. Next, sign in to your Gmail account and navigate to the Google Disavow tool. From the drop-down menu, select your site and click on “disavow links”. Google Disavow Tool As backlink disavow is the most advanced feature that can even harm your website performance if misused, so do it with more caution. And, opt for this

option, only if you are convinced

Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists

that the links are of thespam, artificial or poor quality and there is a considerable volume. Choose the .txt file you prepared and click “Submit”. disavow file This new file will replace the previously uploaded file if any. The disavow process will not happen instantly, when you submit. Google may take a few weeks to process your backlink disavowal proposal. #2 Disavow Backlinks Using Other SEO Tools As we saw on running a backlink audit and identifying bad backlinks using Ahrefs and SEMRush above. If it’s one or two links, you can simply disavow the backlinks in the tool itself. Alternatively,

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