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Then you can be found on both your name and keywords, because you add these to your schema markup. A hosting platform is an online server where your audio files are stored. By using a hosting platform you hardly have to worry about the feed and schedule markup and your website is not slowed down by heavy audio files. The platform provides a complete package (the RSS feed), which you can then easily deliver to the various podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. To be on these apps, you still need to subscribe the podcast with the RSS feed. You cannot upload episodes on platforms without a feed. Step 3. Prepare & Launch The keyword research has given you enough inspiration to get started with your first episodes. We have now arrived at the launch.

Tips About the Best Resumes

How do you handle this? Use quotes, images, video (with podcast audio) to inform and enthuse your target audience prior to your launch. Share snippets and create a landing page to get your audience to subscribe to information about your podcast. This will be your mailing list. You can later use this generated list in El Salvador Phone Number combination with your newsletter readers for your launch. Launch Before the launch, you inform your generated mailing list and newsletter readers about your launch date. Organize a giveaway for the reviews they give, because you can also benefit from this later. The more positive reviews you receive in the first few weeks and your podcast is talked about on social media, the more likely you are to move higher in the charts! To ensure that the target group stays connected, put at least three to five episodes live in one go.


About the Best Resumes

You launch the following episodes according to a fixed structure. This way the listener can listen to a few extra episodes and get ‘hooked’. Podcast new episode. Step 4. And then? Promote, promote, promote! After going live, it’s time for even more marketing. Per episode you can use audio snippets, videos, images with quotes and other types of content to promote the individual episodes. You place this on your website, newsletter, social media and all other channels that you manage and where your target group is located. Don’t forget to bring your colleagues along. They can be fantastic ambassadors. Involve people in the origin and process of your podcast, so that you make them enthusiastic. Relevant hashtags help you increase your reach on social media.

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