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he company. Clients don’t want to lose money, they want to be sure that they will receive excellent service. They prefer companies with strong portfolios, customer bases, reputations, track records and proof of business partnerships. 7. Acquisition Media This is media activity not directly generated by the company. It does not involve payment. It just happens organically. Some free media examples: ・News media reports ・Mentions in professional media outlets ・Backlinks to professional websites and blogs – Mentions in online communities – Social media mentions such as status updates and tweets When people realize that credible media are taking their product for granted,

they will think of the brand as

In the first place. mainstream.” Mainstream companies are perceived as reliable sources of information and services, so the public turns to and trusts them. 8. In the first place. Social Media Social Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists media is now the standard form of community where various types of social proof can be found. Celebrities, experts, users, communities, friends and other influencers spread across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and other social platforms. In the first place. If you’re in business, you should be on social media to get more leads and conversions. In the first place. People believe in shares (endorsements), likes (considered ratings) and comments (testimonials) on posts about products.

These platforms spread information

Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists

In the first place. very quickly, and if you can gather good social proof in these communities, you can make a lot of money. 9. Wisdom of crowds This is the collective opinion of a group, not one expert. Jury trials can be thought of as relying in part on the wisdom of the crowd. In the first place. Aggregated answers provided by large groups to questions about quantification, general .  by individuals . In the first place. within the group, and Often better. In the first place. A solution that emerges

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