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Her photographic work is refined and minimalist. In each of her images Jessica Walsh emphasizes the details of the objects. people or animals that her lens captures. taking advantage of the beauty of the particular characteristics of each of them. 4. Design Seeds Jessica Colaluca is the name of the entrepreneur behind this account. which graphically shows the wide range of shades that a photograph contains when compared to those of a color palette. The concept is quite attractive and will be especially interesting for printer owners and graphic designers in general. 5.

Biafra Inc. He is an anonymous artist based in Minneapolis. who produces photographs and posters. among other content formats. His material has a slight rebellious and rebellious touch that is somewhat reminiscent of the legendary Andy Warhol. This Instagram Nepal whatsapp number list account will attract the attention of all kinds of audiences for its color and messages that are worth discovering and interpreting. 6. Banksy From England comes this street artist whose portfolio is provocative and captivating at the same time. His work includes photographs. urban art. plastic pieces and illustrations.

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His work has caught the attention of personalities like Cara Delevingne. as well as 1.8 million followers on his official account. As a curious fact. Banksy does not follow absolutely anyone on this network. in a clear display of creative selfishness taken to the extreme. 7.Kelli Anderson This talented artist believes that the world is a huge planetarium and her philosophy is reflected in her work that recreates outer space with different types of paper. She affirms that she prefers this material despite the extensive existing technology. due to the particular touch that it gives to the result.

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Steve Harrington He lives in Los Angeles. California. and is a lover of modern and psychedelic ideas. However. his illustrations lack any threatening. Transgressive touch thanks to the humorous and youthful touch that he gives them. Which has attracted the attention of brands such as Nike. For whom she has designed clothing and sports shoes. 9. HeyStudio It is a graphic studio located in Spain specialized in geometric designs. That take advantage of current trends to generate attention. They have almost 200 thousand followers.

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who appreciate the team’s work. which also includes vector versions of famous characters. 10.In conclusion,  Max Wanger The work of this photographer is elegant and intimate. His specialty is portraits of people and landscapes in complete calm. a concept that works perfectly in the world of Digital Marketing . The simplicity of the images of him has earned him many followers on social media.

Max Wanger is the best example that in. A world of photographs overloaded with color and extravagance. In conclusion, The beauty of simplicity also has a place in the world of design. Erik Marinovich His work consists mainly of creating. Logos and labels. As well as designing images with clear references to popular culture. Marinovich takes advantage of shapes. Tones to create very attractive content that stands out at first sight. In conclusion, Mr Doodle Ahda is the real name behind this one-of-a-kind account as it appropriately exploits.

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