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70% also went to a doctor for this. Increases in back (50%), shoulder (48%) and eye complaints (52%) are the most mentioned. Mental complaints In addition to physical complaints, dilemmas surrounding mental health are also increasingly emerging: 70% of employees already feel more isolated than before while working from home. Personal consultation, lunch together and other personal contact are experienced as a loss in particular. The vast majority, 63%, indicate that the lack of connection leads to a lower engagement. A large study by BCG shows that physical health also has a direct effect on business results . Although the results initially appeared to be not too bad, the impact of health on tasks that require collaboration with colleagues appears to be enormous.

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On average, employees who feel just as healthy during the pandemic as before score twice (!) higher in productivity than employees who feel less healthy than before the pandemic. Also read: Prevent burnouts due to the corona crisis: 3 tips for employers To exacerbate the problem a little further: even before Corona , no less than 21% of workers between the ages of 25 and 35 experienced Georgia Phone Number burnout complaints. In a society in which hybrid working is becoming the new standard for many, the vitality challenge will only increase. What can we do about this? Motion is the lotion , according to Forbes in their study. Our own professor of neuropsychology Erik Scherder, a well-known advocate for more exercise, also explains on the Brain Foundation website : “The whole of the Netherlands is sitting, and often too much”.


Companies and Brands

This has major direct and indirect health consequences. That has to be different. Sufficient exercise increases resistance, productivity and creativity, reduces stress and improves mood. It also stimulates the production of new brain cells. Together with the Brain Foundation, I want to ensure that the whole of the Netherlands gets moving.” The Ommetje app launched by the Brain Foundation and Scherder is a great success. Already 1.5 million people use the app. Many organizations also use Ommetje to support not only movement by employees, but also fun and mutual connection. Clever use of gamification explains the success of Ommetje . Moving together! At the office, at home or outside? Now that hybrid working is becoming the new standard, the function of the office is changing.

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