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In a newsletter, Productivity  described how he landed a major commercial New Zealand Phone Number opportunity at Toyota. He describes how he makes a customized program in 20 minutes from existing notes and materials. He was able to quickly fNew Zealand Phone Number ind, Reorganize and redesign a number of quotes, Articles, Assignments and slides. Thanks to well-organized notes in a good program In  by Sönke Ahrens, Ahrens describes how the most productive writers do not start writing when they start making a book, but write continuously in the form of notes. Making a book or article is then searching, New Zealand Phone Number combining, reorganizing and rewriting. So you’re never staring at a blank screen. In this system, one sentence can be just as much a card as 10 pieces of advice from a book. If something is meaningful, you record it. You should preferably make.

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I know from my own experience how fast you work when you work like that. New Zealand Phone Number. Most of the books I’ve made came from rearranging all kinds of notes in Evernote that I could find with all kinds of tags.  One of the best-known users of this method is Niklas Luhmann, Who published some 70 books and 400 articles in the second half of the last century. A collection of notes that New Zealand Phone Number constantly increase in value and from which you periodically compose an article, presentation, training or quotation.

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The idea of ​​external cognition is older than Forte’s thinking and also the New Zealand Phone Number foundation of Getting Things Done . David Allen leaves in his book New Zealand Phone Number Getting Things Done. Showing the art of stress-free productivity how committing to committing makes you feel more at ease than if they’re haunting your mind. You also New Zealand Phone Number have more control over tasks in a row than if you – with all the biases New Zealand Phone Number that entail – try to remember what you wanted to do today.

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