The First Thing I Thought Was

Stay distinctive Make sure you stand out in front of consumers while doing justice to your brand’s values. So no interchangeable ‘these are uncertain times’ message. Really, hoods. What is the tone of voice of your brand?  Not the other way around. Stay responsive to consumer needs, but keep telling your brand story consistently. Start from your brand strategy, it is well thought out. Don’t let it go in times of crisis, but ensure relevance by applying new accents. Be honest A real purpose is beautiful. But don’t make yourself bigger, more important, or more exalted than you are as a brand. As a brand, you supply products or services for a fee. And that’s fine, in fact, that’s what will get the economy out of the recession. Show how you can add value for your customers and therefore for society in corona time with your own proposition.

First Thing I Thought Was

Invest in the dialogue There is no more important time than during a recession to know how consumers are coping with changing circumstances. So invest extra in content that stimulates dialogue. Valuable qualitative information can be hidden in the engagement that content generates. more for less Produce content as efficiently as possible. Find a production partner who thinks along about different channels and expressions. This creates synergy and Sweden Phone Number economies of scale. For example, shoots for advertising and content can possibly be combined. Extra relevant when budgets are tightened. Don’t save on quality Don’t compromise on the quality of your content. Your customers will notice and may even be concerned. Now is the time to emphasize quality and durability. Emotions make a brand An analysis of 880 case studies showed that ad campaigns that focus on emotional engagement are more profitable than campaigns that focus on rational communication.


Thing I Thought Was

So the key is not to promote offers, but to build some kind of emotional relationship with the consumer. Keep this in mind with the content. Even in difficult times. Make content corona proof Prevent the viewer’s first reaction to be ‘where is that one and a half meters?’, because then you will lose it and your real message will not stick. So take into account social distancing in your expressions. Adjust existing content where possible, or invest in new ones. Not everything is junk There are, of course, also examples of brands that are already creating content that is good, that are responding to the pandemic while doing justice to their brand. With this they know how to stand out and rise above the advertising noise. A few examples to inspire brands that do get it. Publicis Italy strikes exactly the right chord with their new corona commercial for Heineken (#2 BrandZ top 30 Netherlands).

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