The First Measurement in the Netherlands

More current concerns than about fake news or. LGBTQ rights But there are more topics that the communication manager has to deal with. The main topics that concern the Netherlands at the moment. Data privacy and data security, healthcare, access to education, poverty and violence against women. These themes are more important than the concerns that consumers in the Netherlands have about, for example. The dissemination of fake news or LGBTQ rights. There is also a difference in the topics that consumers are concerned about and the concrete actions. They expect from companies and organizations around these themes. In addition to the concern about data security and data privacy, consumers do expect organizations to continue to work on climate change, minimum wages, income and wage differences, combating discrimination and offering equal opportunities.

First Measurement in the Netherlands

It has become the topic of the boardroom. Not wrongly. No less than 65% of Dutch consumers believe that as an organization you should show what your impact is on society and the environment. And that you should not only communicate about possible product benefits. This is not only about speaking out as Jamaica Phone Number an organization about social themes, but above all about offering solutions. So concrete actions. Top 3 desired actions on climate It is important to know what to do and show. According to the Dutch consumer, the top three most meaningful actions with which organizations can now make a difference in the field of climate: Offset all your organisation’s CO2 emissions. Do not only connect your own organization to CO2 and environmental standards, but also keep customers and partners to that.


Measurement in the Netherlands

What is asked of the CEO? Three quarters of consumers expect CEOs to always lead by example with their behavior. An even larger group (77%) expects managers to speak out about matters that are not directly related to the organization, but that do have a major impact on society. No less than 86% of consumers expect executives to speak out about the climate goals and actively contribute to them. More than eighty percent of the Netherlands believes that CEOs should make clear how they contribute to promoting diversity and inclusion, both within their own organization and beyond. And 84% believe that CEOs contribute to improving public health. Survey justification.

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