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Although, that impact will vary from page to page. Depending on the type of content they produce and the interaction it generates. In other words, as HubSpot exposes. Posts will need to be even more shareable . And will need to organically promote conversation among users. However, it must be remembered that. In mid-December, the social network announced that posts using “participation bait” would be downgraded.

So “ tag 5 friends to enter for a trip” or “ Like if you want to attend our concert” are no longer accepted methods of increasing Azerbaijan whatsapp number list participation and engagement. Proposals to face the change Facebook is emphasizing the user experience, strengthening the relationship between them. And this return to the core implies that companies must. Adjust marketing strategies in social networks and learn to listen to their audience.

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Prioritize excellence over quantity – Yes, quality content is already a requirement since previous algorithmic updates. But at this point, more is needed than that. Your posts have to naturally generate engagement and lead to meaningful interactions among your audience. And for this, it will not be enough to click on the “Publish” button.

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The excellence of the content must go hand in hand with a well-defined strategy that considers data such as the best time to post and the type of audience you are targeting. Create audiovisual content : Facebook claims that live videos get six times more interactions than normal ones. Look for opportunities to generate them, transmitting information of interest to your visitors. Although you can also create a conventional video and upload it to the platform.

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Be creative and deliver a value product. Encourage Users to Select “See First” – Not everyone knows that they can change settings to choose what content to see at the top of their News Feeds. Invite your followers to do so, so they don’t miss your posts, telling them to click on “Latest news” / “Edit preferences” / “Prioritize who to see first”. But do it through an attractive message and format, do not make it look like an imposition. Crisis or opportunity? Probably, of all the modifications that ..

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