Facebook for Woocommerce: How to Integrate Using Storeya Plugin

So, you want to take your WooCommerce-based eCommerce business to the next level. I have two words for you: Facebook for WooCommerce. Now, social media has long been used to promote online businesses for as long as social media has existed. In fact, Facebook evolved many of its features around the idea of ​​promoting businesses online. A good example is dedicated brand pages designed to promote online stores. So, if you want to use Facebook as a promotional channel for your WooCommerce store, read this guide till the end. I’ll start with the benefits of using Facebook for WooCommerce stores and then move on to the actual onboarding process.

Facebook for Woocommerce Plugins

Marketing and advertising are at the heart of any online business. In fact, these two areas are so fundamental that all platforms  built or customize for these areas. Popular options include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Youtube and many more. Of these options, Facebook remained a popular choice. As you can see, in 2018, Facebook was the dominant social media platform with a market share of 68.17%. The trend Saudi-Arabia Phone Number List continues in 2019 with Facebook topping the social media ranking contest. Integrating a WooCommerce store with Facebook is a simple affair. The process is facilitat by plugins that automate most of the process.

Benefits of Facebook for Woocommerce

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In fact, the success of the process and subsequent operations of the Facebook page depends on the choice of the plugin. So let’s start with the list of plugins. Facebook for WooCommerce plugins The good thing about WordPress/WooCommerce is the fact that there are always multiple options to get things done. In the case of WooCommerce Facebook store integration, you can use one of the following plugins to do the job: WooCommerce to Facebook Shop is a freemium plugin by premium themes. This plugin allows you to easily connect your WooCommerce products to Facebook. It also allows you to synchronize and desynchronize products at any time.

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