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companies that want to survive in this digital ecosystem. Increased investment in paid ads. It is the first and most logical step in the face of reduced reach. Before investing substantially in this aspect. It is necessary to carry out a study to know. The social networks where paid advertising will be contracted. -Influencer Marketing.  Traffic to a given network can be increased significantly if you have the right promotion. Thus. influencers have come to help brands of all kinds to. Position themselves again in the first places of searches.

For this. it is necessary to choose a congruent personality. with credibility and natural talent to communicate ideas an preferably France whatsapp number list that belongs to the same niche of the brand. -Optimized content: The quality and format of the information must also be part of the strategy to increase the organic reach. which also requires monitoring of the results to know exactly what information is helping to recover visits and followers in these media. Trends in Social Networks for 2018 Social Video Marketing and its new scope Video ads.

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Live streaming and in general all content in this format have invaded social media for some time. Despite the engagement they generate. It is necessary to take into account some important aspects for the strategy to perform at its best. The content must be of the highest quality. The respective videos and ads must reflect. The concept of the product or service without exception. The technical aspect should shine by itself. The Evolution of Social ROI Over time. Companies have necessarily paid more attention to this aspect. Calculating the ROI for an eCommerce operation. for example.

France whatsapp number list

Is much more common and simple. Therefore a certain number of companies do not yet know that. It is also essential to know such data for social media. In 2018 this concept will have to change substantially. For this purpose. some factors will be combined. Address an increasingly specific audience. To calculate the Return on Investment. You must have exact data. Therefore. Targeting a well-defined target in each social medium will help your calculation.

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For which extensive research work and the creation of enough Buyer Personas are required. -Calculation on specific events: These include exclusive promotions for social media. sales campaigns lasting from one to two months. live streaming with the aim of generating conversions. among other ideas. This will make it easier to understand the concept of ROI applied to these media and will allow you to use analytics in your favor at all times.

The rise of bots and smart technology Artificial intelligence has played an important role in social media for some time. 2018 will be no exception. as brands will continue to invest in this type of technology to better connect with their followers. So. this we can expect for the following year: -An increase in intelligent instant messaging that allows faster and more useful responses to users. Absolutely personalized content and ads.


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